Car Loans For New And Used Cars – What You Need To Know

When it comes to car loans , you have to make many considerations. Both in terms of necessity, but also which one is right for you. There can be a big difference between your options and the conditions that may apply. The many conditions can include: act on the age of your car. 

Car loans for new cars

Car loans for new cars

If you are in need of a new car but do not have the full amount that the car costs, then you have the opportunity to take out a car loan. The cost of the car loan will depend on the term you choose in the calculation. The performance of the loan will vary accordingly. If you choose a long term, the total cost will thus be greater.

It’s all about risk calculations from the loan providers. Miscellaneous costs and interest thereon are determined according to the risk they believe is about to lend money. The interest rate will depend on the term you choose and the amount of the amount. Therefore, the cost of your loan depends on the down payment.

The newer the car you lend money to, the more money you can borrow without payout. This can be done as the loan provider can pledge your car. That is, they have security in case there should be problems with the payment of your services. Thus, they can sell the car to get their money back. 

Car loans for used cars

Car loans for used cars

Further to the above scenario with respect to payment on new cars, the reverse of course applies to more used cars. Some loan providers will not lend you money for a used car if you do not make a down payment. Others will not lend money even if you make a payment.

It all depends on the car’s age. When the age limit, the car does not have enough value that they can get security. For the same reason, you must carefully consider which car you choose to buy and how old it is. It can have a huge impact on the cost of the loan.

In addition, it can affect the number of providers you can choose from. It thus limits your options and thus also limits the flexibility of the options when choosing maturity etc.

Here’s how to get the best solution


First of all, you should make sure you find the car that meets your needs. This applies to everything from safety, to future service checks, car inspection and future avoidance of repair costs. It must be a safe but financially wise purchase. The car should be worth borrowing for.

Use a comparison service that gives you the opportunity to get an overview of the different providers’ costs and package solutions. You can thus compare who offers the least cost. Use the Annual Percentage Cost (APR) to compare.

Remember to choose the solution that suits your financial circumstances so that you do not bring yourself into a tight financial situation. Remember to make sure that you can pay the given benefit, and that with a longer-term consumer loan , you will also pay more costs.

Instant loan despite Credit Bureau

A negative Credit Bureau entry happened quickly. If the cell phone bill is not paid, the incident is reported to Credit Bureau and there is already a negative entry. Sometimes those affected don’t know anything about it. Only when you apply for a loan does the evil come to life. The loan is rejected because of a negative Credit Bureau entry.

Banks rate a Credit Bureau entry differently

Banks rate a Schufa entry differently

There are many offers for an instant loan in spite of Credit Bureau on the Internet, but the borrower needs to know that these loans are a little more expensive than conventional loans. If a bank has rejected the loan, it does not mean that the next bank will do the same. It is always the clerk who makes the decision.

The Internet makes it easy to compare many offers, and there are banks that are not quite as careful with Credit Bureau. If you look around the forums a little, you will find out about such banks easily and can start a specific request here. If you can wait a few more days, you should first try to get a normal loan.

Compare the offers with an instant loan despite Credit Bureau

Compare the offers with an instant loan despite Schufa

If you believe from the start that you will not receive a normal instant loan, you can also look for banks that offer an instant loan despite Credit Bureau. As a rule, these are banks that are based in Switzerland or in Lichtenstein.

Since Credit Bureau is an institution that looks after German banks, these banks naturally do not provide any data to Credit Bureau, so the loan is neither recorded with Credit Bureau nor can it be refused. However, the amount of the loan is limited. The amount is usually 3500 dollars.

The prerequisite is that the applicant has a permanent job and has been employed there for at least one month and the income must not be less than a certain amount (1130 dollars for single people). When filling out the loan application, it is essential to ensure that all the required fields have been filled in and that the latest salary slips have been enclosed. Then the loan will be paid out within a short time.

Loan without credit check at checker

Loans without Credit Bureau information are often advertised on the Internet, via print media and on television. For many who currently have problems with their creditworthiness or liquidity, a credit without a credit check at Credit Bureau appears to be a way out of overcoming existing payment difficulties. But be careful!

Meaning of the Credit Bureau information

Meaning of the Credit Bureau information

Credit Bureau information is a standard element of credit checks for lenders in Germany. It provides information about existing bank account details, loan and leasing contracts of a person as well as any negative characteristics regarding payment behavior – e.g. an affidavit, personal bankruptcy, the opening of a garnishment protection account or open claims despite dunning procedures. In addition to the Credit Bureau information, the credit check also covers other areas such as income and assets or collateral. If Credit Bureau information is negative, credit institutions, online and direct banks usually reject credit inquiries.

Risks for loans without Credit Bureau information

Risks for loans without Credit Bureau information

Credit Bureau-free loans in Germany are practically only offered by credit intermediaries – often via the Internet. In some cases, they rely on loans from Swiss banks that specialize in this market segment. The market for credit intermediaries themselves is non-transparent, and many dubious intermediaries are also active here. For credit offers without Credit Bureau information, one should therefore check the terms and conditions of the contract particularly carefully. This is particularly important to note:

  • What conditions (interest, fees, contractual regulations) apply to the loan without a credit check at Credit Bureau? As a rule, the effective interest rates are likely to be significantly above the market level.
  • Do you have to make advance financial payments before lending? Dubious intermediaries are often not interested in lending at all, but earn from upfront fees.
  • Is the lending linked to the conclusion of other financial products – insurance, shareholdings, building loan contracts, etc. – or the use of other services? The loan often serves only as an ‘attractant’ for further financial service contracts.

Even serious credit intermediaries do not do without a credit rating for Credit Bureau-free loans. For example, proof of a regular earned income is usually necessary or guarantors with perfect creditworthiness must be named.

Alternatives to credit without Credit Bureau information

Alternatives to credit without Credit Bureau information

In many cases, loans without Credit Bureau information are requested from an acute financial emergency. In any case, you should check in advance whether debt relief is not possible without a loan. Debt counseling offers assistance here.